Microbiome Genetic Counselor 

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Microbiome Genetic Counselor 

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Job Description

Microbiome Genetic Counselor 

Atlas Biomed is a London-based international company working in the field of personalised medicine, operating in the UK, EU and CIS. Atlas Biomed combines DNA and microbiome technologies with digital health data to inspire people into positive lifestyle change and lead them to a healthier future. Founded in 2013, Atlas Biomed has gathered an experienced international team of medical professionals, geneticists, bioinformaticians and IT experts. The company aims to make precision medicine accessible to everyone around the world by collecting and introducing unique clinical experience and knowledge on personalised approaches to healthcare.

We are looking for a medical professional whose expertise is closely connected to the gut microbiome field ( Gastroenterologist, Dietitian, General Practitioner ) to provide online consultations for Atlas Microbiome Test users.


The key responsibility is to provide online counselling services for individuals who have undergone D2C microbiome testing and got the results. This involves overall microbiome status assessment, explaining how it may protect from or predispose to certain complex diseases, ability to produce vitamins and short-chain fatty acids as well as break down dietary fibre. The counselor will help clients to comprehend complex medical information about the mechanisms of disease protection by gut microbiome and other aforementioned traits. Finally, the counselor should aid in the client’s decision-making process on how to use these test results to make lifestyle and dietary changes that will benefit their health.

Essential criteria:

  1. Recognised Master of Science in gastroenterology or dietetics/human nutrition or relevant Bachelor’s
    degree (e.g. biological science, microbiology, healthcare, nutrition or a related field, such as dietetics or
    food service system management) with appropriate professional qualification and minimum of 3 years
    professional clinical experience in gastroenterology or nutrition. Online counseling experience is an
  2. Current working knowledge of host organism and gut microbiome interaction mechanisms in health and
  • implementation of microbiome tests results (risk of complex diseases and management
    recommendations, specific nutrition recommendations to improve microbiomes diversity, fibre
    metabolism and vitamin/SCFA synthesis)
  • basics of psychosocial and ethical impact of D2C genetic testing
  • gut microbiome genetics and mechanisms of interaction with a host organism
  • gut microbiome studies features and limitations
  • technical features of D2C genetic testing model
  • technical aspects of 16S sequencing technologies
  1. Ability to receive and present complex information in an accessible format to people without special
  2. Demonstrable competency in creating individualised patient management plans based on microbiome
    genetic test results.
  3. Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with clients and staff, internally and
  4. Advanced computer skills (e.g. MS Office: text documents formatting, creation of presentations;
    bespoke in-house systems for microbiome test results management; VoIP, Skype).


Desired criteria:

  1. Knowledge of personalised medicine market trends, especially in microbiome research area
  2. Interest in modern biomedical technologies
  3. Excellent communication, interpersonal and presentation skills

Employment, salary and schedule: discussed individually.

If interested, send a copy of your CV to reznik@atlasbiomed.com

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